A Better Covenant

The tent (Tabernacle) in the wilderness was sacred.
The building (Temple) in Jerusalem was sacred.
But only the sanctuary (holy place) in heaven is made by God.

Hebrews 8:1-2

Covenant vs. Testament
Covenant= an agreement between two parties
Testament= will; the desires of a single party

The word used in this passage is the same as "last will and testament."
It is put into effect by the sacrificial death of Jesus.

The covenant of Moses was replaced because it was "inadequate" and "incomplete."

It revealed sin, but could not remove it.
It demanded obedience, but didn't provide power to be obedient.

The promises of the new covenant:
1. "I will put my laws in their hearts..." v. 10

Jeremiah 31:33

2. "I will be their God..." v. 10

3. "...they will know me..." v. 11

Jeremiah 31:34

4. "I will forgive their wickedness..." v. 12