Trinity United Methodist Church Staff

Senior Pastor: Dewey Miller

Dewey Miller came to Lapel for the first time in 1985. He graduated from Taylor University and became youth pastor at Trinity United Methodist Church. While here he worked with high school and junior high youth groups and an adult Bible study among other things. He also found Shannon here. After 27 years away, serving other churches throughout Indiana, Dewey has returned to become Senior Pastor at Trinity.

Pastor Dewey spends his free time reading, thinking and listening to music. When he is feeling very adventurous he gets out his guitar and plays music. Dewey and Shannon have one daughter, Molly.

Treasurer: Tim Luker

TLC Worship Team Director: David Mottinger

Choir Director: Jeanine Terhune

Secretary: Amie Smith

Organist: Jim Hostetler

Pianist: Rhonda Kuntz

Children's Ministry: Rebecca Long

Children's Ministry (Downtown Campus): Angela Owen

Children's Ministry (TLC): Phil Mott

Trinity Preschool Director: Koty McDole

TLC Children's Place Director: Angie Garner