Tuition Fees

Registration Fee                                                       $ 85 per student

2 year old class (2 days)     Tuesday & Thursday       $ 30 per week

2 year old class (3 days)     Mon., Wed. & Fri.           $ 45 per week

3 year old class (2 days)     Tuesday & Thursday      $ 30 per week

3 year old class (3 days)     Mon., Wed. & Fri.          $ 45 per week

3 year old class (5 days)     Mon. - Fri.                    $ 65 per week

Pre-K (3 days)                    Mon., Wed. & Fri.          $ 45 per week

Pre-K (5 days)                    Mon. - Fri.                    $ 65 per week

Full Day (3 days)               Mon., Wed. & Fri.          $ 70 per week*

*includes price of morning preschool class


PRESCHOOL TUITION is due on Monday of each week.  The first tuition payment is due on the first day of school.  A Tuition Payment Schedule is provided to each family.  Tuition may be paid ahead but a Late Fee of $10.00 will be charged if the weekly tuition payment becomes over 2 weeks behind.  Please contact the director if you are unable to pay your child’s tuition on time.


DISCOUNTFamilies with 2 or more students enrolled will receive a 10% discount for each additional child.


TUITION ASSISTANCE FUND:  Scholarship tuition assistance is available for families that qualify.  Applications are available in the church lobby or click here.