We prayerfully want to see new believers be equipped with an understanding of the gospel, and a passion to share the gospel with others!

Through the Pathway Journey whether you are a new follower of Christ, or someone who has accepted Christ as your Savior and are feeling as if you do not know what to do next…we invite you to come join us on the Pathway Journey!

Here at Trinity UMC the Pathway Journey is set up to foster a family of believers and to build them up to be a radical servant of Jesus as they go and make disciples.  Essentially the Journey will help equip Disciples of Christ so that they can step out and be Disciple Makers!

How would your life change if you were debt free? What could you do? Who could you help? Get control of your money by putting together a spending plan that really works. Tell your money what to do—so it can’t tell you what to do. Featuring all-new materials and an all-new time-frame, this 9-week class helps the average family reduce their debt by $5,300 and save $2,700 in 91 days.

When: Wednesday evenings, beginning June 7, 6:30-7:30pm

Where: Classes will meet at the Trinity UMC Lapel Campus in the Lounge.

Cost: The cost is $93 to purchase your kit (only one kit per household is needed).

UNIFIY - Faith Development 101 will guide you through the essential beliefs every Christian needs to start a personal relationship with Christ.  Also, this class will help guide you through a basic introduction to the mission and ministries of Trinity UMC.



CLARIFY - Faith Development 201 is the second class in our Pathway Journey.  In this class, we will focus on the basic activities needed to continue to grow in relationship with Christ.  We are all given gifts and through this class our hope is to align your gifts so you may better serve Christ.



MULTIPLY - Faith Development 301 is the last class in our Pathway Journey.  Here we will equip you with tools to be disciple makers. This aligns with our mission, “To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

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