A Church Unleashed

I’m afraid that today is a preaching and meddling day. You know what that means, right? It means that I think what I have to say will cause some discomfort for some readers. In fact, you may even decide that I am wrong. You may get angry at me. I sincerely hope that if this is your reaction you will be positive and constructive about it. That is, don’t take your ball and go home. Let’s have a conversation. I am going to tell you what I think, then you can respond and tell me why I am wrong. Let’s work together at trying to figure out what God has in store for us as a church and community.

Let me start with this simple assertion: Every Christian, no matter their age, needs to be involved in the work of ministry. In Exodus 19.6, when God is speaking to Moses he makes no distinction based on age, social standing, economics, experience or education. Every member of Israel is expected to be a ‘priest.’ This holds true for us as well. The whole counsel of the Scriptures is very clear, every Christian, pastor and lay person, is expected to get his or her hands dirty by doing the work of God. This means that you need to get busy and get involved with what God is doing.

Find your own ministry. A careful evaluation of your own gifts, talents and interests will quickly show that you are different than everyone else. There is a spot that only you can fill in the work of the church. Stop waiting around for someone else to do that thing. You do it!

Don’t limit your thinking. It will be too easy for many people to only consider ministries that they have seen someone else involved in. Or to focus on filling slots in some church outreach or committee membership list. Some people even make the mistake of thinking that ministry can only take place if someone devotes her/ his life to it. Ministry is not necessarily vocational. You may be able to keep your regular job and still fulfill God’s ministry call on your life. God made millions of different species of plants and animals. He made seven billion people who are alive right now. The ministry he has in store for you is very likely something that no one else has even thought of yet.

Hear God’s voice. And listen to what he says to you. When I was being called to the ministry, God had to speak to me three different times. I either couldn’t hear, wouldn’t hear or didn’t want to hear. Don’t make that mistake. God is longing to give you the details about his call. Ask him. Listen to what he says and follow his word.

Pray for the Holy Spirit. There is no one- not our Bishop, not the Pope, not Billy Graham who can do their ministry without the power of the Holy Spirit. God wants to fill you and empower you for ministry. All you have to do is ask and make yourself available.The world will open up and change dramatically when you invite the Holy Spirit in.

Pastor Dewey Miller