We view missions as something all Christians are called to do, however we truly believe if you are seeking God, there is no better place to encounter Him then through the act of serving others.  As we seek to be faithful to our church mission to GO and MAKE DISCIPLES we see this being done in three key areas; first Our local CHURCH, second Our local COMMUNITY,  and third Our WORLD.  You will find many opportunities to jump in and serve in all of these areas, whether it be local or maybe a short term mission that will take you out of Indiana, or maybe even an international mission that will take you out of our country. Whatever it is we pray that you find a place to serve!


Domestic Missions


Adult mission

Date: Sept 16 - 22
Location: Beverly, KY.
Age: Must be 18
Cost: $375

Register with the church office.

Questions - missions@trinity-tlc.com

For more information visit Red Bird's website:


International Missions

Adult Mission - equip Uganda

Date: July 5 - 16 & September 13-27
Location: Uganda, Africa
Age: Adult
Cost: $3,000 (includes airfare, accommodations, meals, in-country transportation, and mission cost)

Questions Contact: Pastor Dewey at 765-534-4222 or email pastordewey@triniy-tlc.com

For more information visit Kuandaa International's website: www.kuandaa.org