Council Meeting Minutes – April 10, 2018


Members Present:  Ben Rowland, Pastor Dewey, Jane Seybert, Tim Hans, Laura Chinn, Brian Rebuck, Leslie Breece, Susan Stern, Koty McDole, Stephanie Evelo, Brianne Baute, and Scott Hersberger

Members Absent:   Rick Coleman

Guest:  Tom Krause, Linda Teeters, and Ron Stephenson

Ben called the meeting to order and Dewey shared a story about a blessing at TLC this past Sunday then led the council in devotions then prayer. 

A motion was made via email by Laura and seconded by Koty to approve the March 6, 2018, meeting minutes as presented.  Motion carried.

Thank You Cards were signed to be sent to Laurie Bourke, Charlene Hummel, and Bonnie Miller.

New Members to the council were introduced and welcomed to the board as everyone shared their duties on the council.

Covenant of Behavior - The council reviewed the updated covenant. Brianne led discussion on how we will share this with the congregation. The council is planning on having a meal at TLC following Sunday worship. Scott offered to cook the meal. The council discussed dates and times and it was decided to have a combined worship service at 10:00 am at TLC with a brunch following. A motion was made by Koty and seconded Jane by to approve the Leadership Team Covenant. Motion carried unanimously.

Revitalization plan - Dewey updated the council on the change in his coach and reminded the council that he had send the Revitalization Plan for Trinity/TLC.

A motion was made by Bri and seconded by Koty to pay February & March tithing, total amount $4014.74.

A motion was made by Bri and seconded by Stephanie to commit and sign the contract to work at the Dairy Barn during the State Fair. 6 people each day for each day of the fair, 17 days. Total amount made will be $2750. Koty to create sign up calendar for volunteers and marketing will promote.



  • Josh Owen is the new chairperson of the Facilities Operational Team. Tim Hans reported the facility team does not want to go forward with the phone system quoted last month. They are seeking other options to make the current system more efficient.  
  • Discussion was had about Trinity doors being unlocked on Sundays and procedures on tithing being handled after church. Facilities to create key holder policy and get key holder list from church secretary.


  • Jayne Seybert, Finance Rep, asked about money counters needing to be bonded. Ben will ask conference their suggestion.  

Operational teams report by Dewey: 

Passionate Worship:  new leaders are Mandy Walsh & Laura Phelps

Extravagant Generosity:  over 900 door hangers were passed out prior to Easter Sunday. 22 volunteers plus youth students handed out door hangers in the community.  

Radical Hospitality:  no report

Intentional Faith Development:  31 people attended the Easter Prayer Experience, Spiritual gifts class on April 29th at 2:00 pm at Trinity, Contagious Christian is 6-week class starting on May 6th at 2:00 pm at Trinity.

Missions:  Red Bird mission trip in September, soccer & concessions will be the next 6 Saturdays, mission cans passed out on April 22nd

Marketing:  upcoming event is God Loves You & Soda I (handing out free drinks during Village Fair)

Tom Krause came to continue with lesson #3 with StrengthFinders. We discussed council members' strengths and individually did Value Assessments. Tom offered continued leadership training.  


  • Next council meeting, Tuesday, May 1st at 7:00 pm in the TUMC lounge.

There being no further business before the council, Ben adjourned the meeting and Laura closed in prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Scott E. Hersberger, Secretary